Ortelius 1570


English Encounters with the Americas, 1550-1610

NEH Summer Seminar for College and University Teachers

July 5-29, 2011 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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Week 1

Monday, July 4: Barbecue at Mary Fuller’s house.

Tuesday, July 5: Introductions and historical overview.

Wednesday, July 6: Late medieval/early modern science and geography: monsters, marvels, limits.  Led by Nicolás Wey-Gómez (Caltech).

Reception 5-7 p.m. in the R&D Pub on the fourth floor of the Stata Center (building 32).  

Friday, July 8: Visit to the Houghton Library for a rare books session.

Meetings with participants (ongoing throughout the week).

Week 2

Monday, July 11: Frobisher's voyages (1576-78):  primary sources, textual analysis.

Wednesday, July 13: Frobisher's voyages (1576-78):  archaelogical, oral, and textual evidence in dialogue.  Led by Réginald Auger (Université Laval).

Friday, July 15: Archaeology and public history: visit to Plimoth Plantation

Week 3

Monday, July 18: Regular seminar meeting changed to Tuesday, July 19.

Tuesday, July 19: Raleigh and Guiana I (1596-1618):  primary sources, textual analysis.  Meetings with participants (ongoing throughout the week).

Wednesday, July 20: Raleigh and Guiana II (1596-1618): editorial work, related voyages and documents.  Led by Joyce Lorimer (Wilfred Laurier University).

Friday, July 22: General discussion; presentations of work in progress (ongoing through Week 4).

Week 4

Monday, July 25: Introducing Newfoundland: early archival and print documents.

Wednesday, July 27: Cupids Cove, Newfoundland (1610): archives, books, artifacts. 

Friday, July 29: Conclusions:  presentations of work in progress.