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NELS 40 - phonological similarity - schedule

NELS 40 - phonological similarity - schedule


Date: Sunday, November 15th
Location: Picower seminar room, bldg. 46 (46-3189)

9.00am–9.30am René Kager, Natalie Boll-Avetisyan & Ao Chen (Utrecht)
“The Language Specificity of Similarity Avoidance Constraints: Evidence from Segmentation”

9.30am–10.00am Gillian Gallagher (MIT)
“Perceptual similarity in laryngeal cooccurrence restrictions”

10.00am–10:30am Rebecca Scarborough (University of Colorado)
“Lexical Similarity and Speech Production:  Neighborhoods for Nonwords”


11.00am–11.30am Sverre Stausland Johnsen (Harvard)
“Perceptual distance in Norwegian retroflexion”

11.30am–12.00pm Shigeto Kawahara (Rutgers)
“Testing the P-map hypothesis I: Coda devoicing”

LUNCH (provided)

1.00pm–1.30pm Abby Kaplan (UC Santa Cruz)
“Articulatory and Perceptual Similarity in Intervocalic Lenition”

1.30pm–2.00pm Lisa Davidson & Jason Shaw (NYU)
“Perceptual Similarity does not Account for Repairs of Non-native Phonotactics”

2.00pm–2.45pm Invited Speaker: Keith Johnson (UC Berkeley)

2.45pm–3:30pm General Discussion

Alternate: Jeff Mielke (University of Ottawa)  "A phonetically-based phonetic similarity metric"

Phonological Similarity:

Perceptual and Articulatory Bases and Links to Grammatical Mechanisms