NELS 40 - pronouns workshop - schedule

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Date: Sunday, November 15th
Location: McGovern seminar room, bldg. 46 (46-3310)

9am–10am Stefan Hinterwimmer

“A Unified Account of the Properties of German Demonstrative Pronouns”

Commentator: Florian Schwarz

10am–11am Philippe Schlenker

“Donkey Anaphora in French Sign Language”

Commentator: Kai von Fintel

11am–11:30am Break

11:30am–12.30pm Rose Marie Dechaine & Martina Wiltschko

“When and why can 1st and 2nd person pronouns be bound variables?”

Commentator: Seth Cable

12:30pm–1:30pm Andreas Haida

“Strictly Bound and Strictly Free Pronouns in Tangale”

Commentator: Polly Jacobson

1:30pm Lunch (provided)

Alternate: Rajesh Bhatt & Radek Simik

“Variable Binding Meets the Person Case Constraint”

Semantics Workshop on Pronouns