The Lambda Project always wants to remember its participants. They often teach us as much as we teach them. This section is dedicated to all those participants who have come and gone, and some (like me) who have come back again.

::: somerville ::: fenway :::
Students from Somerville (Nathan, Kevin, Redon) 2005 ^^back up
Kevin checking out the equipment Nathan checking signal while Kevin relaxes
Kevin making sure everything is OK Kevin showing how a $400 Cu mirror works
Nathan and Kevin getting ready to start up Mr. M helping Nathan run some numbers
Nathan making some adjustments Nathan and Redon analyzing data
At the SHS Science Fair  
Students from Fenway School (Kwami and Alex) 2004 w/ Mike Maloney and Prof. Nelson ^^back up
Students from Fenway School (Casey and Marco) 2003 w/ Rebecca Slayton and Prof.Nelson ^^back up