Community Outreach & Educational Program
center for environmental health sciences community outreach and educational program



prof. heidi nepf

Professor Heidi Nepf


The goals of the Community Outreach and Educational Program [COEP] are to promote scientific literacy in grades 4 through 12. Increasingly the public must interpret scientific information in order to make good decisions for themselves and for their community. Nowhere is this more important than in the arenas of human and environmental health. In addition, the Center seeks to mentor younger scientists on the mechanism and importance of educational outreach by supporting the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in its outreach activities.

prof. patricia culligan

Prof. Patricia Culligan


Highlights on Current Research:

Grungy Groundwater - hands-on activity demonstrating pollutant transport

Teaching Teachers - two-day course for K-12 teachers



Amy Fitzgerald,
Director of the
MIT Edgerton
Outreach Center