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If you are a researcher, what type of study might you use NESP for? Examples are:

  • Measuring the relationship between brisk walking and the proximity to parks using phones with internal accelerometers and GPS (and exploiting online GIS data).
  • Measuring the impact of specific major news events on stress levels by sending a short question to tens of thousands of people just after the nightly news (and possibly only if they may have been watching, as detected by their phones).
  • Studying the relationship between self-reported happiness and self-reported stress levels (and the ebbs and flows throughout the course of typical days) in hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Gathering data from 50,000 randomly selected people of images showing exactly what (if anything) they are eating at the same moment in time using mobile phone cameras.
  • Understanding the causal relationships (if any) between sedentary behavior and snacking and reading and playing video games.
  • Measuring the relationship between quality of life ratings and interactions with other people, both in person (detected using Bluetooth) and virtually (via phone calls).
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