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This will be fun, the room will be air-conditioned, and it will be interesting and useful. Come and meet some of the only other people that will actually understand how strange your job is. :-)

Thursday, August 15th

9:00AM Caffeine & Sugar & Pinning on NameTags. (Wound management can be done in your seats later)
9:30 Welcome
9:35 David Bowie, Genuity: Operational response to copyright infringement and security events
10:20 Jon Rifkin, Phil Rodrigues - Universtity of Connecticut: IPAUDIT: A free, open-source network monitor
11:00 Break (more coffee, more juice, more snacks)
11:30 Special Agent Nenette Day, FBI - Updates from the FBI on recent trends and events
12:30PM Lunch (Provided)
1:30 Larry Lidz, University of Chicago: Forensic Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis
2:15 Jeff Schiller, MIT (topic: Whatever is on Jeff's mind that day)
3:00-3:15 Break, munchies! (cookies -- mmmm)
3:15 Rich Graves, Brandeis University: Experiences with netflow monitoring
4:00 Campfire Stories and Strategic Thoughts: Panel discussion on team operations and whatever else comes up. (with "volunteers" from UChicago, Brown, Brandeis, Boston U., UConn, MIT)
5:00 Adjourn for Dinner

Friday, August 16th

8:30AM Caffeine & Sugar
9:00 Paul Asadoorian, Brown University: Adventures in Incident Handling
10:00 Will Stockwell, MIT: Wireless Security
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45 Supervisory Special Agent John McKinnon, US Customs Service - Software piracy and Operation Buckaneer
11:45 Wrap-up and goodbyes

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