Agenda for 8/13/99 "Security Camp"

10:00 - Orientation and introductions - Bob Mahoney, MIT Network Operations

Get caffeinated, sugared, and acquainted.

10:30 - Team Stuff - General Discussion, led by Bob

How is MIT's Team organized? Other schools? What's working, and what's not? What services are offered? Which should be?

11:00 - How break-ins happen - Jeff Schiller, MIT Network Manager

Trojans, buffer overflows and random observations from the Front Lines.

11:30 - The Brave New World of NT - Jon Hunt, MIT Departmental Computing

Service Packs, the Sad State of the World, and a brief tour of BackOrifice 2000

*** Lunch Time- MIT buys us food! ***

1:00 - When and how to work with Law Enforcement - SA Nenette Day, FBI

When to call the FBI? What can we do do for each other?

1:30 - IRC - Tom Yu, MIT Kerberos Development

What can we learn from IRC, and how does this relate to security?

2:00 - Break-in and Recovery example - Grant Emery, MIT

A Red Hat Linux box, presented in it's broken-into state. We'll walk through a system recovery.

3:00 - Trouble Tickets & Case Management - Alicia Allen, MIT Residential Networking

What sort of tools are folks using to track problems?

4:00 - Tapering off, waving goodbye.