PGPfone Distribution Authorization Form for Canada

Click here to see the MIT PGPfone home page.

MIT distributes PGP only to US citizens located in the United States, or to Canadian citizens located in Canada. This page is for Canada.

Click here to see the page for the United States.

In order get the PGPfone software itself, you need to first read the license file mitlicen.txt.

If you agree with the license, you should fill out the following form and submit it to the server, at which time you will be given the location of the PGP software and a list of packages to download.

PGPfone may be subject to the export control laws of the United States of America as implemented by the United States Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls.

According to US law, the terms under which MIT is distributing PGPfone require that the recipients be Canadian citizens, and that the software is being obtained for end-use in Canada by Canadian citzens, or for return to the United States.

Users who wish to obtain a copy of PGPfone are required to answer the following questions:

Do you wish to retrieve PGPfone now?

Are you a Canadian citizen?

Are you obtaining PGPfone for end-use in Canada by Canadian citizens, or return to the United States?

Will you use PGPfone solely in accordance with the MIT license?

If you previously used this form and were told to provide us your e-mail address we will send you a message with a password within it. If you have this password (which will be numeric), enter it here.

Author: Jeffrey I. Schiller <> Last updated: $Date: Thu Mar 21 21:00:00 EDT 1996$