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Have you ever seen a beautiful woman out with an ordinary looking guy
and thought, "How did he get a woman like that? He must be rich! I'm
as good looking as he is! Why can't I date women like that?"

You ask yourself, "What does he have that I don't have?"

The answer is not that he is smarter, richer, or better looking. He
just knows the secrets! The secrets of meeting and charming beautiful
women! He knows where to meet women, he knows what to say, (and what
not to say), what to wear, (and what not to wear). Basically, he knows
what women respond to.

If you think that attractive women only date handsome men, you're
wrong! Look around! Over 80% of the women you find attractive have
dated and, in many cases, fallen in love with, men who have far less
going for them than you.

You work hard. You're smart. You would be kinder, more understanding,
and more appreciative of her than the clod she is seeing now. What is
wrong with this picture?

She's not stupid. She's not desperate. Why does she date creeps when
there are decent guys like you around? Because decent guys like you
often just don't know how to get past the first awkward steps of
meeting women.

If you don't make some changes now, the next ten years will be no
better than the last ten years!

Why is it that you can routinely solve difficult and complex problems
at work or school, and yet continue to be baffled by women? Women are
much easier to understand than computers.

When you talk to someone who has never used a computer, they will
often tell you that they would never be able to learn something so
complicated! They think a person has to be born with skills like that.
Do you remember your first computer? Think about how quickly you
learned about it, and about how quickly the mystery disappeared. What
used to be a challenge is like child's play now, isn't it?

Women are not looking for a certain kind of man. They look for a man
who knows how to treat them the way they want to be treated. Learning
about what women like and don't like is the key to success with them.
It's that simple.

I can teach you more about attracting and dating women in one night
than you have learned so far in your entire life! I have traveled the
country interviewing beautiful women to learn these secrets. I have
interviewed thousands of attractive women, over the years, in over
fifty different cities! I have discovered some amazing things! I
learned things that they would NEVER tell you! Even though they wish
you knew. Best of all, I have videotaped many of these interviews for
you to watch and learn from!

Everything you need to know about meeting and charming women is now
available to you on four professionally produced full-length video

I'll bet there are thousands of attractive women within ten miles of
you right now! Women that would love to be dating a guy like you. Many
of these women are lonely. That's why some of them date creeps!
Unfortunately, many undeserving creeps know just where to go, how to
dress, and what to say. You can do yourself, and the women you would
like to meet, a favor by 'getting your act together.' I can teach you

These videos do not contain my advice. It would be pointless for you
to try to follow the advice of any one person. The techniques that
work great for one person might not work at all for you. I've seen
those books out there on "how to pick up women." What a waste of
money! I have purchased and read over 40 such books, as part of my
research, and the entire stack doesn't contain enough good information
to fill a pamphlet!

On each tape you will be able to watch and listen to beautiful women
describing in detail exactly what they like, and what turns them off.
You will hear hundreds of important questions answered by these women
in direct, no holds barred, interviews.

You might find some of these interviews hard to listen to. Sometimes,
the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. But if you are ready to take a
look at yourself and try some new approaches, you will learn that
small modifications in your style, in the way you dress, and in what
you say can tremendously improve your success with women.

Even if you are doing everything 90% right, you will fail. And failing
with women is hard to take. No one likes rejection. And every
rejection you experience just compounds the problem. Don't be one of
those guys who is afraid to try. But don't be one of those guys who
goes about it all wrong, either. A lot of those guys end up giving up
because they get tired of the rejection.

You need the straight story. You need this valuable information that
women normally withhold from you. On these four full length videos you
can learn EXACTLY what you're doing wrong! Young or old. Fat or thin.
Short or tall. Rich or poor. Handsome or plain. If you are not having
the success with women that you want, FIND OUT WHY!!!

On these video taped interviews you will find simple solutions to
simple mistakes that may be creating serious problems in your life.
Every man deserves to find romance and happiness. There really is a
girl for every boy. There is no reason for you to allow 25% of the men
to date 90% of the women. It is a problem that is easy for you to solve.

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