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Have you ever heard of the saying it takes money to 
make money?

Well, it's true. 

Some people say "Knowledge Is Power". While that 
holds true I say "Money Is Power". But If you put the two 
together you get financial freedom. That's my equation...
RESOURCES (which I will give you)= A SOLUTION to a 
problem of acquiring money whether it be for business or 
personal transactions using alternative methods.

There are several easy to qualify for resources that are available 
to you right NOW in to start, maintain and protect your business...
And they are: Credit, Capital(which can be in the form of loans or 
cash grants), Tax shelters, and lawsuit protection (protect your 
precious assets).

We think you'll find our web site a great place to visit if you're 
looking for alternative ways and up-to-date and innovative ideas for 
acquiring loans, credit, and grants regardless of your past credit 
history.We like to think of it as the information source for online 
money acquisition. 

This site includes articles, opinions and links to other points of 
interest on the web. We will contribute to your knowledge of 
generating money from a realistic perspective. It doesn't matter if 
you are obtaining a credit card, applying for a loan or receiving a 
cash grant; it's easy to raise capital if you know how to do it. 

The first thing you need to do is add our site to your bookmarks . 
This way you can repeatedly take advantage of some of the powerful 
techniques, tips, and strategies shown here. One thing we should 
mention right from the start, is that you must reject conventional 
ways of thinking. The real key to wealth is your thinking process. 
You must be innovative and open to alternative methods. But most 
of all, you must think BIG. 

It is very rare that a single magic solution makes you a fortune. 
t is a process... a lot of ideas that combine into a large cash flow. 
"Remember, great opportunities come to those who make the most 
of smaller ones."

Let me share with you what we call: 
"The Five Steps To Financial Freedom".
1.Start the business                                                                                             
2.Get the credit                                                                                                  
3.Qualify for the loan                                                                                          
4.Receive the grant                                                                                             
5.Then protect your assets and judgement proof your success!

And don't forget to check out our new addition to the
POWERHOUSE of financial and money making opportunities: 
The 'Millenium Money Manufactuer'.

Our Mission

To Provide quick and easy access to "Money Making" information 
and techniques. We are trying to accomplish a special relationship 
with our "netters" by providing the information they need and making 
it accessible online. NO WAITING!!


These are the things you will be introduced to at our 

* Finding a business to get involved in that will 
  guarantee prosperity. 

* Learn how you can qualify for massive amounts of 
  credit. (regardless of your credit history)

* Achieve financing for any investment or venture you 
  get involved in.

* Obtaining quick signature loans that are based on your 
  annual income.

* Learning how to put together a loan that pays it's 
  own principal and interest hence the term 

* Use our International banking sources to put together 
  a small $100,000 or a multi-million dollar roll-over 

* Have our company personally help you set up a roll-
  over loan. "Offshore" using International banking 

* Learn how you can use the roll-over Loan concept in 
  any financial transaction you put together whether 
  it be a simple auto, home or business loan.  
  Unemployed? No problem. There will never be any 
  financial information to submit no credit checks, no 
  co-signers and no collateral requirements.

* How to receive thousands of dollars in free cash 
  grants within 7-10 days.

* Learn how to access grant sources who must give their 
  money away. And at the same time building a 
  relationship so you can use them over and over again.

* Learn confidential special addresses, phone numbers, 
  loopholes and new techniques that could get you 
  all the money you need for a new or existing business.

* How to setup what are called International Business 
  Corporations and asset protection trust "Offshore". 
  Used to protect assets and for doing tax free business 
  in the states (we will show you how to set these up 
  right to maximize your tax freedom). 

* Offshore tax havens used to legally delay or 
  eliminate the payment of certain taxes.

* How to setup offshore private checking accounts - 
  deposit money and pay bills (completely private and 
  with no paper trails)

* How it may be possible not to pay taxes on any of the 
  money you receive form your future business 

And much more...

This is your complete guide to getting the capital 
you need for your new or existing business. (or even 
for business start-up)

As a special promotion sign up before the 27TH and 
receive a free bonus exclusively made available to 
the people that have received this email.

For more details about where to visit our site DO NOT 
reply to this email...Instead email us at:

Please note in order to receive the information you
MUST put the words 'more info' in the subject box. If you 
don't you will not recieve your information.

Don't Forget you MUST put the words 'more info' in the 
subject box.

Thank You For Your Time

Nigel Lynch  

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