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GALAXY specializes in the repair and upgrade of Apple
Macintosh, PowerMacintosh and PowerBook computers.

We provide component level repair, with 6 month warranty,
for Motherboards, Power Supplies and Floppy Drives 
for all Macintosh and PowerComputing Systems.  

We sell new and used Macintosh, PowerMacintosh 
and PowerBook computers, and wide range of  parts:

Motherboards, Floppy Drives, RAM, Hard Drives, 
CD-ROM Drives, Zip Drives, Video Cards,  Monitors, 
Printers, Accelerators, G3 Cards, Cache Cards,  
FPU's,  Cables,  Modems,  Power Supplies & Adapters,  
Keyboards,  Mice, Ethernet Cards, Batteries, 
Pentium Cards, Case Parts.  .  and a whole lot more!

Our prices are very competitive, for example:
- -    PowerMac 7200/75MHz 8/500/CD - $599  (Ref :90day) 
- -    Apple 200MHz PPC604e Card  $199    (New: 2yr)
- -    1.44MB auto-insert floppy drive    $65  (Ref: 6mths)
- -    Power Computing power supply repair   $115  (Ref: 6mths)
- -    Global Village 33.6Kbps fax/modem     $45  (Ref: 90day)
- -    24x External CD-ROM Drive  $135   (New: 1yr)
- -    Apple 166MHz Pentium PC Card     $349   (New: 1yr)
- -    Apple MultiScan 15" AV Display     $339    (New: 1yr)
- -    PMac 6100 256K L2 Cache Card     $15    (New: 1yr)

To find out more about GALAXY please visit our web site at:  

Or, if you have a particular, or immediate interest please
send your email request to 

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, edu. .& gov't
PO's, and welcome international orders.

GALAXY Hardware - 5075 Nectar Way - Eugene OR 97405

541-345-1817  (voice)     541-345-3094  (fax)