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ONE-POUND-A-DAY DIET   (back by popular demand)

FREE delicious Cesar Salad recipe included in this email !

Do you have an over-weight problem that you can't seem to beat?  
Have you tried diet after diet with no results?  Are you too busy to
buy special diet foods?  Do you want a simple, quick one-pound-a 
day diet that gets you really slim, really fast?  

The One-Pound-A-Day Diet is so simple and so fast, you can lose 
a whole dress size every week.  ie:  Men will go from size 40 to 38 
the first week, to size 36 the second week, to size 34 etc.  Women 
will go from size 16 the first week to size 14 the second week, 12 
the next and 10 the next and on down if they wish.

On the One-Pound-A-Day Diet, you do not use scales to check 
your weight loss.  You won't have to.  You will immediately notice 
that your clothes seem too big.  After the second week, they will be 
falling off you and you will be forced to go out and buy new 
clothes two sizes smaller.  In four weeks, you will have to go out 
and buy new clothes four sizes smaller.

The main problem with most diets is that you either suffer from 
hunger, get discouraged and quit, or you lose weight so slowly that 
you get tired of "dieting" and quit. Other problems with diets are 
all the exotic foods you are required to go out and buy.  You have 
to study the diet each day and run out to the store because each day 
is different.  This becomes too time-consuming for a busy person 
so you give up.  The One-Pound-A-Day Diet is so fast that you 
don't have time to get discouraged and quit.  Nor do you suffer 
from hunger.  Nor do you run to the store all the time.  You will 
have higher energy than normal, be constantly full, and you will 
have excellent nutrition.  And, by the way, this is NOT a fad diet 
that pretends you can get slim eating all the pizza and icecream 
you wish.   Most people are too intelligent to believe that.

The following are letters from our customers:

Dear Sir:

I was a size 14 and had just started a new job where I had to look 
nice.  I was very busy and had no time to do special shopping so I 
chose your "One-Pound-A-Day Diet".  In just one week I had gone 
to a size 12.  In two weeks I was a size 10!  Before having two 
children, I had once been size 10 so I was able to bring out all my 
old size 10 clothes and wear them again.  In fact, this diet was so 
easy for my busy schedule and it made me feel so strong and 
energetic, that I just kept on it without thinking. Well, I went down 
to size 8!!  One day, I happened to be standing in front of my boss's 
desk and he exclaimed.  Boy, Amanda, are you ever skinny!  My 
husband started to get worried and instead of nagging me to lose 
weight, he started to hand me fattening foods.  I stayed at size 8 
after that and had no trouble keeping that weight.  Sharon C.

Dear One Pound-A-Day people:

I had been overweight for years and tried every diet possible only 
to give up.  I found diets that promised 2 pounds a week too slow 
for me.  I would get discouraged around Friday because I was 
starving and weak so I would go off it for a day and binge and gain 
back in one day the two pounds I was supposed to lose that week.  
I would then get discouraged and binge the whole weekend.  On 
Monday, I would start again.  I would be good all week and keep 
to the diet, but somehow, on the weekend I would relent and gain 
back the two pounds!  I found that the "two pounds per week diets" 
too slow and discouraging for me.  When I came across your "One-
Pound-A-Day Diet, I thought, Wow, that is what I need!  It is the only 
diet that worked.  

I was 230 pounds for years, but after going on your "One-Pound-A-Day-Diet,
 I noticed the difference the second day!  On the 7th day I was 223 pounds 
(just like you said) and the 14th day I was 216 pounds.  In 1 1/2 months,
 I was down to 185.  I had lost 50 pounds in 50 days.  And the best part
 was that I was a big eater.  Your diet REQUIRED me to eat a hugh dinner!
  Around about the 185 mark, I noticed girls who had previously not noticed
 me started to flirt with me!  I now have a girl friend.  Thank you!  I
 couldn't have done it without you!  

Another thing I might mention is that I have spent hundreds of dollars 
joining weight loss clinics with no satisfaction.  Your cost of $29.99 was 
a very small price to pay for the number of pounds I lost and kept off.
You have been extremely fair in my opinion.  

Very sincerely,  Doug from Windsor ON.

This diet even gives you some really great tasting easy recipies 
to keep your interest high and the calories low.  
Here is an excerpt from the "ONE POUND A DAY" DIET:

"If you love spaghetti, this diet allows you to have it once a week.  
Have only 1 extra-lean meatball.  Parmesan cheese is OK.  The 
only stipulation for this meal is that you make a huge cesar salad 
and eat it first.  You cannot have the spaghetti unless you have the 
salad first.  The reason for this is that you will fill up on the salad 
and eat less of the spaghetti.  Plus the ruffage in the salad speeds 
the spaghetti through your system before you can absorb the 
calories.  Cesar Salad goes extremely well with spaghetti, so we 
have included a low-calorie Cesar to make it easy for you.  

Low-cal Cesar Salad for two:

1 romaine lettuce:  (romaine leaves washed and blotted dry with a towel)
Juice of 1 or 2 lemons,
1 tablespoon dijonnaise or dijon mustard
1 teaspoon malt vinegar or 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
6 to 10 fat cloves of garlic squeezed through a garlic press
1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
cayenne, black pepper and salt. 
1 tablespoon olive oil, or 1/2 cup light Hellman's mayonaise, or any 
fat-free mayonnaise
parmesan cheese
croutons (just a few)

Pour the dressing over the leaves and toss until all the leaves are coated.  
Eat immediately.  Add the bacon bits and croutons on top of the salad 
after serving as you don't want them to get wet and soft.  This is an 
extremely good tasting cesar and I guarantee you will be crazy about it!

You may substitute the above dressing for a fat-free bought cesar dressing."

And here is another excerpt:

"Do not weigh yourself.  You don't go by weight, you go by clothing size.  
The weight will come off quickly, but it is much better not to concentrate 
on it. Each week you will go down one size.  Be sure to keep your fridge 
well stocked.  Take this diet to the store when you shop."  

and another excerpt:

"If you are a person who loves to eat large quantities of food, this is the 
diet for you.  You are required to eat a huge supper.  Get ready to lose!  
Don't cheat and you will lose one clothing size per week.  Keep your 
fridge full of the following ingredients, washed and ready to use all week.  
Do not buy any item that is not on this list.  If you don't buy it, you can't 
eat it.  Throw away the other items from your fridge for the term of the diet.  

This diet is unique and different from all other diets in that it has been 
carefully prepared using the nutritional content of foods as the primary 
focus.  The vitamin and mineral content of each food item has 
been carefully selected to give THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE 
POSSIBLE NUMBER OF CALORIES.  The aim has been to go 
very heavy on foods high in vitamins A, B, and C and especially iron 
while excluding high carbohydrate and high fat foods which give one 
"empty calories".  The average American diet unfortunately has been 
the opposite.  Extremely high in "empty calories" and intollerably low 
in high vitamin foods.  That is why people feel lazy and sluggish preferring 
to sit in front of TV.  Iron is the mineral that makes you feel strong.  Taken 
in the morning, you will feel stronger all day."  

The "ONE POUND A DAY" Diet even has directions for restaurant 
eating.  Since ours is a restaurant going society, no diet would be 
successful without giving directions for eating out.  You will find the 
"eating out" section extremely good and very satisfying for people 
who like to eat a lot.

To receive your "ONE-POUND-A-DAY diet and start losing pounds today, 
call:  519-826-0077 and ask for offer #1104.   Please have your credit card
ready.  Use this number for orders only.  (Operators are "marketers only" whose 
only job is to process your order quickly so that you receive your 
"ONE-POUND-A-DAY DIET" today.  At your request, we can even give you 
instant service by sending you the Diet by email.).  Have your credit card ready
when you call this number:  519-826-0077 and ask for offer #1104.
(Cost of Diet is $29.99) 

All other calls and requests to be removed from future mailings, are to be directed 
to:  519-826-9731.

The above message has been brought to you by Annex Resources Corp., 
Katherina Crt., 101 E. Hill Pl., Market St. N., Nassau BH.  P.O. Box N-10850.  
Phone 519-826-9732 (local number).