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Subject: Free Shopping Cart For Your Website!

Now you can get the free use of a Secure Electronic Commerce Shopping Cart
and a free SSL Server Certificate. The shopping cart is one of the finest
on the market and includes the following features:

- Supports UPS ground (USA) shipping rate charts 
- Product database search feature 
- Supports Cybercash credit card transactions 
- Ability to store order information in a secure file 
- Supports Secure Transactions (SSL) 
- Works with frames 
- Automatic field validation
- Ability to mail the order to multiple email addresses 
- Supports a percentage discount rate 
- Supports multiple currencies 
- Ability to stay on same page when item is purchased 
- Ability to order more than one item at a time 
- Receipt sent to customer 
- Header and footer files can be included in the customer receipt
- Ability to accept and verify credit card numbers 
- Eight different types of shipping supported 
- Three shipping algorithms supported 
- Ability to add in sales tax
- Ability to keep track of what the user has purchased from page to page,
  even if they use the back button. (No cookies used) 

This free shoping cart offer is limited to customers who have their
websites hosted with us.  The cart may also be purchased directly
form the software vendor. Call now 24 hours a day 7 days a week to 
find out how to get your free Secure Electronic Shopping Cart
(970) 349-0796 (United States)