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Graduate Programs in Biology and Brain and Cognitive Sciences

MCN students will be admitted through either the Biology or Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) graduate programs and can join the MCN program anytime during their first year, offering access to participating inter-departmental faculty and neuroscience coursework across campus. Online applications are encouraged and can be found at


The choice of which department to enter from is up to the student, and students may apply to both programs. The Biology or BCS admissions committees are responsible for admission decisions. Qualifying and selected students will be invited to interview days that are hosted by the Biology or BCS departments. The Biology program offers broad training in modern biology, and students can use their elective course selections to focus on neuroscience coursework. The BCS program is focused more directly on neuroscience, and includes students interested in brain function spanning from the molecular level to the cognitive side. Students should examine both programs carefully to determine which department best matches their interests relating to coursework and program design. Outlines of each program can be found here. Class sizes vary from year to year in each department, but typically range from 25-40 in Biology and 10-18 in BCS.

Additional details of the Biology graduate program can be found at:

Additional details of the BCS graduate program can be found at: