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Programmer's Reference
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Reference Manual by Michael L. Hines
A "classic" source of additional useful facts and tips.
Note: NEURON has undergone many revisions since the Reference Manual was written, mostly to add new features or make existing ones easier to use or more efficient. Only rarely have these changes "broken" anything. If you find anything in these files that is seriously at variance with the current version of NEURON, please check the more recent documents. We would also appreciate it if you could bring such items to our attention, so we can correct them.

We also highly recommend the excellent tutorial by Andrew Gillies and David Sterratt of Edinburgh University.

PDF-formatted documentation about nrn\bin\unzip.exe , a pkzip-compatible unarchiving program that handles long file and directory names.

Additional information available from NEURON's WWW sites

See the Documentation page at NEURON's WWW site for links to:
"The NEURON Simulation Environment"
a thorough introduction to NEURON
Construction and Use of Models: Part 1. Elementary Tools
a quick overview slideshow
Tutorials on the CellBuilder and Network Builder
"NEURON: a Tool for Neuroscientists"
Explains and demonstrates powerful strategies for improving spatiotemporal accuracy without excessive computational burden.
1. The d_lambda criterion, a simple but very effective method for specifying the spatial grid.
2. Variable order / variable timestep integration with CVODE.
"Expanding NEURON's Repertoire of Mechanisms with NMODL"
the authoritative reference on NMODL
The FAQ list
For more helpful tips, see the User's Manual by John Moore.

Also see the Courses and Tutorials page for a link to an exercise that introduces a set of powerful and convenient tools for electrotonic analysis.