The MIT Office of the Provost sponsors an orientation for new faculty during the week before the start of each new academic year. This one-day event features an overview of MIT, and a broad introduction to some of the teaching, research, and administrative enterprises of the Institute. Traditionally, the President, Provost, and Chancellor are all involved in the day's program, and the event is hosted by the Chair of the Faculty. Much of the program typically involves a series of small panels in which MIT faculty members discuss and provide guidance related to different aspects of the faculty experience, allowing plenty of time for questions or for discussion between the panelists and the new faculty members in attendance.

This year’s New Faculty Orientation will be held on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. A detailed agenda will be available early this summer.

A range of information intended to help new faculty to get acquainted with MIT is accessible through the links listed on the left. Details about many of the topics discussed at the New Faculty Orientation can be found at these web sites.

For further information, please contact Doug Pfeiffer in the Office of the Provost, at 253-0659, or