2013 Orientation for New MIT Faculty
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Stata Center, Room 32-144

8:30 to
9:00 AM

Registration   (Coffee and light breakfast)

9:00 to
9:10 AM

Opening Remarks

Steven Hall
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chair of the Faculty

9:10 to
9:20 AM

President’s Welcome

L. Rafael Reif

9:20 to
10:00 AM

Overview of the Institute

Chris A. Kaiser

10:00 to
11:00 AM

Transition to Faculty Life at MIT

W. Eric L. Grimson
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Panel leader

Vivek Farias
Associate Professor of Operations Management

Kristala Prather
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

11:00 to
11:15 AM

Coffee Break


11:15 AM to
12:15 PM

Teaching and Learning at MIT

Dennis Freeman
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Dean for Undergraduate Education
Panel leader

Mitchel Resnick
Professor of Learning Research,
MIT Media Lab

Sanjay Sarma
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director of Digital Learning

12:30 to
1:45 PM

Stata Center, 32-G401 (Faculty lunch room, next to the R&D Pub) 

Brief Remarks:
Diana Henderson, Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support
“Educational Resources, Opportunities, and Support”

2:00 to
3:00 PM

You and Your Students

Christine Ortiz
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Dean for Graduate Education
Panel leader

Will Broadhead
Associate Professor of History

John Essigmann
Professor of Chemistry, Toxicology and Biological Engineering

3:00 to
3:15 PM

Coffee Break


3:15 to
4:15 PM

Setting up a Research Program:
ow me the money!

Maria Zuber
Professor of Geophysics
Vice President for Research
Panel leader

Michelle Christy
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Jeff Gore
Assistant Professor of Physics

5:30 to
7:00 PM

President’s Reception

Gray House
111 Memorial Drive


As of 8/21/13     Office of the Provost