Summer Reading Group 2007 

Familiar Results & Famous Papers


The goal of this year’s Summer Reading Group is to spend some time reading in detail (and understanding) some of the classic papers and results that are often quoted at meetings or in publications…many times the person doing the quoting probably hasn’t read the original paper him/herself and some of the subtleties/caveats that usually go along with the original result.

Each person is responsible for circulating Xerox copies or a PDF of the paper and should prepare a short (ca. 15–20 slides) presentation (ideally in PPT but handwritten overheads are also fine) talking through the key developments in the paper, showing the derivation (or at least the steps in deriving) the most familiar and oft-quoted results, as well as a recent application of the result.  Frequently it is not the original paper but more recent texts/reviews that provide the clearer description/derivation – so spend the time to understand the developments… Ideally also add a 1 page biography of the person (using Wikipedia and one other original reference source to double check key facts).

All seminars will be at 12noon in 3-237w (days vary – check carefully)

 Mon June 11    Fang Xu   (the presentation) 

Einstein’s result for Viscosity of Dilute Suspension of Spheres

Reading materials: Albert Einstein, A new determination of molecular dimensions, Annalen

der Physik, 19, 289-306, 1906; corrections, 34: 591-592, 1911.

 Mon June 18    Chris Pipe (the presentation)  

Batchelor’s Result for Extensional Viscosity of Dilute Suspension of Rods

Reading materials: G. K. Batchelor, The stress generated in a non-dilute suspension of elongated particles by pure straining motion,

J. Fluid Mech. 46, 813-829, 1971

 Fri. June 22      Philipp Erni (the presentation)

Hadamard-Rybcinzski Result for Rise Velocity of Drops & Bubbles

Reading materials: 

(1) J. Hadamard, H. Pointcare, Steady slow motion of a liquid and viscous sphere in a viscous liquid, Comptes rendus de l'Académie

des Sciences, 152, 1753-1738, 1911

(2) G. K. Batchelor, An introduction to fluid dynamics, p235, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1973

 Fri. June 29      Pradipto Bhattacharjee (the presentation)

Rayleigh’s result for breakup of an Inviscid Jet

Reading materials: Lord Rayleigh, On the capillary phenomena of jets, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 29, 71-97, 1879

 Fri. July 6        Trush Majmudar (the presentation)

Rayleigh’s Result for Effects of Viscosity on Breakup of a Jet

Reading materials: Lord Rayleigh, on the instability of a cylinder of viscous liquid under capiliary force, Philosophical Magazine,

XXXIV, 145-154, 1892

 Fri. July 13      Matthieu Varagnat (the presentation)

Matovich & Pearson: Viscoelastic Jets & Threads

Reading materials: M. A. Matovich, J. R. A. Pearson, Spinning a molten threadling, I and EC Fundamentals, 8, 512-520, 1969

 Fri. July 20       NO SEMINAR: Gordon Conference on Gels

 Tue. July 24     Shawna Liff (the presentation)

Guth & Gold Relationship (& higher order terms/aspect ratio) for effective modulus of composites

Reading materials: E. Guth, Theory of Filler Reinforcement, Journal of Applied Physics, 16, 20-25, 1945

 Fri. August 3     Randy Ewoldt (the presentation)

Rouse’s  paper on Dilute Solution Viscoelasticity

 Wed. Aug 8       Bonus Seminar: Peter Winter’s Summer Report (the presentation)

 Fri. Aug. 17      Jason Rich (the presentation) 

                    The Clausius-Mossotti relationship for dipolar force between two point spheres

                    Reading materials: R. Clausius, Die Mechanische Wärmetheorie, vol. 2, p. 62 – 97, 1879;

                    O. F. Mossotti, Memorie di Matematica e di Fisica della Società Italiana delle Scienze, vol. 24, part 2, p. 49, 1850

 Fri. Aug. 24      NO SEMINAR; DTU Summer School 

 Tue. Aug 29      Wonjae Choi (the presentation)

                     Sydney Goldstein: The No Slip Boundary Condition in Fluids

                     Reading materials: "Modern developments in fluid dynamics; an account of theory and experiment

                     relating to boundary layers, turbulent motion and wakes", Fluid Motion Panel of the

                     Aeronautical Research Committee and others,  Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1938