Jan 1999 – May 2001   Dr. rer. nat. (summa cum laude) at the Institut für Technische und
                                       Makromolekulare Chemie, Universität Hamburg, supervised by 
                                       Prof. Dr.-Ing. W.-M. Kulicke 

Oct 1992 – Dec 1998    Undergraduate and graduate study for the Diploma in Chemistry from the 
                                       Department of Chemistry, Universität Hamburg


Research Experience 

Jun 2001 – present       Postdoctoral associate in the Non-Newtonian Fluids Lab with Gareth McKinley
                                       at the Dept. of  Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
                                       (MIT), Cambridge (MA), USA 
                                       Built a new fluid micro-sample and -gap tester (FMR) in cooperation
                                       with DuPont,
Wilmington, DE (USA). Extensional rheology of complex fluids.
                                       Capillary break-up of liquid columns. 

Jan 1999 – May 2001   Dr. rer. nat.  at the Institut für Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie.
Investigation of the gel formation in biopolymer solutions. Developement of
new rheo-optical techniques to clarify the gel formation in beer, funded by the
  Wissenschaftsförderung der deutschen Brauwirtschaft (Science Foundation
                                       of the German Beer Brewing Industry), Bonn (Germany).

Mar 1996 Jun 1996   ERASMUS scholarship in the Department of Chemistry, University of Wales,
Bangor. Synthesis of a new multimetallic organotransition-metalcomplex as
a catalyst for alkene metathesis polymerization.


Teaching and Work Experience 

2000            Co-organizer of the “XXIII. Hamburger Makromolekurares Symposium”
2000             Teaching Assistant in Rheology Seminars Series. 
1997-1998   Tutoring in the Department of Chemistry, Universität  Hamburg.
1997-1999   Scientific coordinator for Medicoplan GmbH, Hamburg Sampling and analyzation of
                    enviromental toxins