Jeremy A. Teichman
   Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 
   Room 3-243, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
   77 Massachusetts Avenue 
   Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
   Ph: 617.253-2198   FAX: 617.258.8559

Jeremy was born in 1975 in Plainview, New York.  He spent most of his childhood growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland where he attended the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington.  After leaving the Hebrew Academy in 1992, Jeremy attended Yale University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science in 1996.  In high school and college, he worked summers programming computers in Pascal and C for the Naval Surface Warfare Center and doing research and design work involving computational fluid dynamics for Enig Associates, Inc., an engineering contractor.  For the next three years following his B.S., he did graduate work in the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at MIT for Professor Anthony Patera studying theory of finite elements.  In 1998 he received a Master of Science degree from MIT for work on a posteriori error estimation using the finite element method.  Since the summer of 1999, Jeremy has been doing research for Professors L. Mahadevan and Gareth McKinley in the MIT Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.  His research focuses on buckling type instabilities exhibited by highly viscous liquid sheets and their analogy to similar instabilities in elastica.