Stephen H. Spiegelberg
Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachussetts Ave., 3-259
Cambridge, MA 02139


Biographical Information


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Wisconsin, Department of Chemical Engineering

Thesis Advisor: Stuart L. Cooper (ChE)
Thesis Title: The Effects of Isopropyl Azodicarboxylate Modification on Polyisoprene and Polybutadiene

Work Experience

Cambridge Polymer Group (1996 - present)

Harvard University (1993 - present)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1988-1993)

Kimberly-Clark, Neenah, WI (1987)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (1985-1988)

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Current Projects

The Extensional Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids
We are conducting experimental measurements of the extensional viscosity of viscous non-Newtonian solutions. A novel filament stretching rheometer was constructed that imposes a true uniaxial flow on small samples of fluid. The transient stress growth coefficient, or the extensional viscosity can be monitored as a function of strain rate and strain up to final Hencky strains of 5. The relaxation behavior of the extended polymer chains can be measured following extensional deformation.

For more information about extensional rheology, go to the Extensional Rheology Experiment web site.

Birefringence of Extensional Flows
Phase-modulated birefringence is used to non-invasively probe the transient conformation of polymer chains in a dilute solution when this material is exposed to an extensional flow. The transient chain extension and relaxation is accessible for these purely uniaxial 2 dimensional flows. This work is the first of its kind for a filament stretching rheometer.

This work is funded under NASA Grant# NAG3-1385 .

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Short Courses

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Personal Information

I play in a brass quintet named Valve Job. We perform a mix of Classical, contemporary, show tunes, Baroque, and of course several AC/DC covers tunes.
The mountain biking in New England is a mix of mud, rocks, roots, mosquitoes, and hills (i.e. fun). Check out the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA) web site for more information about biking here. I recently went on a biking trip to Moab, Utah. Click here to see some cool pictures from the trip.

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