A Decade of Filament Stretching Rheometry


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Table of Contents

A Decade of Filament Stretching Rheometry

Introduction & Scope 

Extensional Rheometry

Filament Stretching Extensional Rheometer (FISER)

Heinrich Hencky (1885-1952)

Experimental Test Protocol

Kinematics of Filament Stretching

Analysis of Data from a FISER Test

An Inter-Laboratory Comparison

Coil-Stretch Hysteresis

Numerical Analysis of Filament Stretching

‘Connffessit’ (FEM/BD) Simulation

Concentrated Solutions & Melts

PPT Slide

Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer (CABER)

Results for Simple Fluids

Dilute Polymer Solutions

Ongoing Work I: Peeling

Ongoing Work II: Rupture

Ongoing Work III: Planar Extension



Author: Gareth H. McKinley 

Email: gareth@mit.edu

Home Page: http://web.mit.edu/nnf