A Network Scission Model for Wormlike Micellar Solutions I: Model Formulation and Homogeneous Flow Predictions

Paula A. Vasquez, L. Pamela Cook, Gareth McKinley
November 6, 2006

In this paper a network model for wormlike micellar solutions is pre-
sented which incorporates scission and reforming of the chains, based
on a discrete version of Cates' theory. Specifically we consider two elas-
tically active Hookean species: long chains which can break to form
short chains which themselves can recombine to form a long chain.
The chains undergo rupture at a rate dependent on the local elonga-
tion and deformation rate. This two species model, developed for an
understanding of inhomogeneous flows, is examined in this paper in
various deformations; steady state shear flow, step strain, extension,
and linear small angle oscillatory flow in homogeneous conditions. The
values of the model parameters and their effects on the flow predictions
are examined.