Ford/MIT Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

Nobel Laureate Lectures 2000–2005

Photo of Franco Modigliani, Paul A. Samuelson, and Robert M. Solow

The U.S. Economy: The Last 50 Years and the Next 50 Years
Franco Modigliani
Paul A. Samuelson
Robert M. Solow

Photo of Charles H. Townes

The Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
Charles H. Townes

Photo of John Hume

The Philosophy of Conflict Resolution
John Hume

Photo of David Baltimore

Building a Community on Trust
David Baltimore

Photo of Eric ChivianPhoto of Mario J. Molina

Global Environmental Issues: Effects on the Atmosphere and the Biosphere
Eric Chivian
Mario J. Molina

Photo of Jerome I. FriedmanPhoto of Phillip A. Sharp

Defining the Boundaries: Homeland Security and Its Impact on Scientific Research
Jerome I. Friedman
Phillip A. Sharp

Photo of Frank Wilczek

The Universe is a Strange Place
Frank Wilczek

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