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Feb. 11 What are phases?
Chomsky, Noam. 2000. Derivation by Phase. Step by step: essays on Minimalist syntax in honor of Howard Lasnik, edited by Roger Martin, David Michaels, and Juan Uriagereka. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

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Feb. 19 Phases and checking
[NB: Tuesday, but Monday schedule]

Frampton, John, Sam Gutmann, Julie Legate, and Charles Yang. 2000. Remarks on "Derivation by Phase": feature valuation, agreement, and intervention. ms., Northeastern, MIT, and Yale.

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Feb. 25 Phases and linearization: Distinctness

Richards, Norvin. 2001. "A Distinctness condition on linearization." ms., MIT.

March 4 What are phases? part 2: applicatives

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March 11 Successive-cyclic movement

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March 18 Successive-cyclic movement, continued
March 25 Spring Break
April 1 Guest Lecture: David Pesetsky
April 8 islands

Ceplova, Marketa. 2001. Minimalist islands--restricting P-features. ms., MIT.

Rackowski, Andrea. To appear. Subjects and specificity: the case of Tagalog. Proceedings of NELS 32.

Richards, Norvin. To appear. Lowering and Cyclicity: Attraction by X from Spec XP. Proceedings of NELS 32.

April 15 Patriots’ Day vacation

April 22 Guest Lecture: Danny Fox and David Pesetsky
April 29 Phases, linearization, and the EPP

Alexiadou, Artemis, and Elena Anagnostopoulou. 1998. Parametrizing Agr: word order, verb movement, and EPP-checking. Natural Langauge and Linguistic Theory 16.491-539.

Lobeck, Anne. 1995. Ellipsis: functional heads, licensing, and identification. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

McCloskey, James. To appear. The Distribution of Subject Properties in Irish. In Subjects and other objects, edited by Bill Davies and Stan Dubinsky. Academic Press.

Merchant, Jason. To appear. Subject-Auxiliary Inversion in comparatives and PF output constraints. To appear in The interfaces: deriving and interpreting (omitted) structures, edited by Kerstin Schwabe and Susanne Winkler. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

May 6 Student Presentations
May 13 Student Presentations