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Research Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

ATR User Facility



Reactor Radiation Protection Program




Headquarters Office

David Moncton, Director: dem

Mary Young, Administrative Officer: myoung

John Bernard, Senior Advisor: bernardj

Kathleen O'Connell, Administrative Assistant: katieo

Rose Rizzo, Financial Assistant: rizzo


General Inquiries / NRL Operations
Tom Newton, Director of Reactor Operations and Associate Director, Reactor  Engineering:  tnewton

Ed Lau, Assistant Director of Reactor Operations: eslau

John Foster, Superintendent: jpfoster

Susan Tucker, Quality Assurance Supervisor: sst

Frank Warmsley, Assistant Superintendent and Training  Supervisor: allanon

Taylor Tracy, Administrative Assistant: ttracy

General Inquiries / Research and Utilization --  NRL-RSS    

Lin-wen Hu, Associate Director, Research Development and Utilization: lwhu

Thomas Bork, Irradiation Coordinator: NRL-RRS

Gordon Kohse, Principal Research Engineer: kohse

Yakov Ostrovsky; Research Engineer: yakov

David Carpenter, Research Scientist: david_c

Michael Ames, Research Scientist: mrames


In-Core Experiments (ICE) Group

Gordon Kohse, Ph.D; Principal Research Engineer; kohse


Reactor Tours

Taylor Tracy; ttracy


Web Inquiries

Kathleen O'Connell, NRL Web: katieo


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