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BNCT Facilities:

Two facilities are available to support research in the medical uses of neutrons:

  • The Thermal Neutron Beam Facility which is located in the reactor's basement uses a neutron beam from the reactor core. This facility can be either thermal or epithermal depending on the filters that are used. It has a dedicated medical irradiation room which is attached to a high purity Thermal Neutron Beam (TNB). This is a high intensity thermal neutron beam that is well suited for small animal studies and for clinical studies of superficial tumors.
  • The Fission Converter Beam (FCB) which is located on the reactor floor utilizes a beam that is produced by the fission converter which is driven by neutrons from the core. The epithermal beam that is produced by the fission converter is the highest intensity beam available in the world and the beam quality has been experimentally verified to be near theoretical purity. This beam has a dedicated medical irradiaiton room which was contructed for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) clinical trials.

Please contact Thomas Newton if interested in utilizing these facilities.