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Neutron Time-of-Flight Spectrometer

A Time-of-Flight facility (TOF) is available that allows pre-registered students from MIT and other universities on-line access. The facility is currently configured to support three experiments:

Measurement of the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of neutrons in the MITR.

Bragg diffraction of neutrons and illustration of the DeBroglie relation.

Uses of crystal monochromated neutrons.

The remote access time-of-flight facility has produced a number of benefits. It makes an experimental facility at a high power university reserach reactor available to a broad spectrum of students, providing opportunities for hands-on experiience relevant to understanding the fundamental of neutron physics. Tangible benefits of this facility include:

MIT students who use the facility during laboratory classes are able to repeat portions of an experiment at their convenience should they find deficiencies in their original data.

Students from local-area colleges have greater flexibility in accessing the facility. 

Pre-college students are able to do their experiments without the need for teachers to arrange for travel to MIT.

Prospective users are required to pre-register with NRL staff and receive instruction (one-time/in person) on the facility's use. They can then request time on the facility. Pre-college students would be required to have a teacher's recommendation. It will be possible to manipulate all controls for the TOF facility on-line with the exception of the shutter that controls beam admission. The shutter will, for reasons of safety, be controlled by a licensed MITR operator who will open it upon request by a pre-authorized individual.

For more information, contact NRL-RRS.


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