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Experimental Facilities

(See table for representative dimensions and flux levels based on 6 MW operation. For a more comprehensive description of the NRL's experimental facilities, download the NRL's User's Guide.)

The MITR-II facilities capabilities include:


  • Inert gas-filled irradiation tube (ICSA) for sample capsule irradiation at <900 °C (instrumented or un-instrumented.)                
  • Forced-circulation coolant loops that replicate conditions in both pressurized and boiling water reactors
  • Facilities for testing mechanical properties of samples in a light water reactor environment.
  • High temperature (>900 °C) irradiation facility for materials irradiations in inert gas (He/Ne mixture).

Beam Ports

  • One 12-inch diameter port, radial.
  • Two 6-inch diameter ports, radial.
  • One 6-inch diameter through-port.
  • Four 4-inch diameter radial ports.
  • One 4-inch diameter through-port.

Pneumatic Tubes

  • 2PH1 – 2” high flux pneumatic tube.
  • 1PH1 – 1” intermediate flux pneumatic tube.


  • Two 3GV (graphite-vertical) irradiation facilities located in the graphite reflector.

Shielded Medical Irradition Rooms

  • Medical room with horizontal epithermal beam from a fission converter.
  • Medical room below core with vertical thermal beam.

Time-of-Flight Experimental Facility

  • Can be operated locally or remotely over the internet for student experiments in neutron energy distributions, attenuation, and scattering. Also available for neutron detector testing or cross-section measurements.

Neutron Scattering

  • Triple-axis diffractometer equipped with PG monochromator, PG analyzer, He-3 monitors, and detector and standard collimators, slits, and PG filters.
  • Neutron optics test station with polychromatic neutron beam.

Elemental Analysis Facility

  • Neutron Activation Analysis
  • Prompt Gamma Analysis
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)

BNCT Experimental Facilities

  • The MITR has been engaged in patient trials for the use of BNCT therapy to treat both glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumors) and deep-seated melanoma (skin cancer) utilizing its shielded medical rooms (fission converter horizontal epithermal beam and vertical thermal beam located below reactor core.) Animal studies have also been conducted using the vertical thermal beam.

Gamma Irradiation Facility

  • Sample irradiation space can be provided in the spent fuel pool for gamma exposure from fission product decay. Facility can be instrumented if required.

Post-Irradiation Examination (PIE) Facilities

  • Hot Cells and Handling Facilities
  • Hot Sample Preparation Facilities
  • Electron Microspcopy Facilities
  • Access to electron microscopy facilities can be arranged for irradiated samples.


*In-core experimental facilities are not permanently installed.