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Neutron Scattering and Spectroscopy

Neutron scattering and spectroscopy are among the pre-eminent tools for studying the structure and dynamics of matter at the atomic and molecular scale.

The MIT-NRL diffractometer consists of beam conditioning equipment, a sample rotation stage, detector assembly and computerized control and data acquisition systems. It allows for a collimated variable-energy beam of neutrons to illuminate a sample from any orientation. The scattered beam is then detected and analyzed. Our research emphasizes development of novel focusing, polarization, and imaging methodologies.

Neutron scattering utilizing the MITR-II supports:

  • Education and training for graduate and undergraduate students in basic concepts of neutron scattering;
  • Enhanced production of new materials and single crystals by allowing rapid evaluation by neutron scattering;
  • Development of novel neutron optics components;
  • Conceptual development of a new imaging instrument.

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