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The NRL has the advantage of being affiliated with the very highly regarded Nuclear Science and Engineering Department (NSED) at MIT. The NSED and other departments use the MITR-II for both thesis research projects and laboratory exercises. Students are particularly enthusiastic about experimental work on the MITR-II because it gives them the opportunity to apply their academic learning to challenging engineering and scientific problems. Also, they acquire the skills needed to coordinate projects and are imbued with the safety culture needed for the proper operation of nuclear facilities.

Educational Outreach and Tours

Training, research, and educational opportunities at the NRL are offered through:
  • MIT undergraduate and graduate-level laboratory courses;
  • Research projects as part of Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP);
  • Student reactor operator training program;
  • Senior and graduate thesis research projects; and 
  • Independent Activity Courses

The MIT-NRL also maintains a successful public outreach program. The educational and outreach activities include:

  • Outreach to the educational community that encourages understanding of nuclear energy and its applications.

  • Assistance to students with science fair projects.

  • Web-enabled time-of-flight experimental facility.

  • NRL staff that assist in research projects, theses, sample irradiations, neutron activation analyses (NAA), experiments, hands-on training, and other educational activities.

Tours may be arranged in advance by contacting Taylor Tracy, (617) 253-4211. Please download Tour Request Form, fill it out, and return by email attachment when requesting a tour.