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International Nuclear Leadership Education Program

The history of the nuclear enterprise has shown that the development of a nuclear power industry creates heavy demands on its leaders. The success of the next generation of leaders responsible for building new nuclear energy programs around the world is of the greatest importance to their own societies, to neighboring societies, and to the international community as a whole.

Creating a network of global industry leaders

To support the efforts of these leaders, and thus the safe and responsible use of nuclear power worldwide, MIT has launched the International Nuclear Leadership Education Program. This new leadership education course focuses on the governance strategies, operational practices, and technologies required for a successful nuclear energy program. The course, which has been developed with the support of the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations and in consultation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations, draws on a wide range of experiences and insights from around the world. The participants will be those who have or are expected to have broad responsibilities for managing and regulating civil nuclear energy activities. This includes senior executives at electric power companies, high-level government officials including regulators, and possibly also opinion leaders including senior journalists and NGO representatives. While the primary focus is on the leadership of ‘new’ nuclear countries, we also welcome participants from countries that are further along the path of civil nuclear development.

Participation is by invitation only. Each class will consist of about 20 participants, drawn from several countries. The instructors include faculty from MIT and other universities as well as an international group of prominent experts and practitioners from industry and government.

Learning through discussion and engagement

The course is divided into two 10-day modules, covering technical, managerial, economic, and public policy aspects of the subject. In 2015, Module 1 of the course will be offered from June 8 to June 17, and Module 2 from October 20 to October 30. Active learning through discussion, simulation, joint problem-solving, and case studies will be a key feature of the course. Classroom sessions will be augmented by visits to nuclear power plants in operation and under construction, as well as fuel cycle facilities and manufacturing plants.The course builds on MIT's successful nuclear education course for high-level U.S. nuclear utility executives, now in its 20th year.

Learning Outcomes

This is the only international course of its type that is directed at the most senior levels of nuclear industry leadership. Participants will gain new insights into the requirements for building safe, secure, competitive nuclear energy programs. Topics include: how to ensure excellence in construction and operations; how to manage technical and financial risk; how to create strong, reliable regulatory institutions; how to address the proliferation concerns of the international community; and how to communicate effectively with the public on complex subjects such as reactor safety and waste management. Participants will benefit from sharing ideas and experiences from different industrial and cultural contexts. They can also expect to benefit in the future from their membership in a global network of course alumni with nuclear leadership responsibilities.

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