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22.S904 Reactor Safety and Severe Reactor Accidents

Visiting Professor Mike Corradini will be offering a special 6-unit graduate credit subject during the 2nd half of the spring term. Topics will include Beyond Design Basis Events, Passive Safety Systems, and a review of severe nuclear accidents including Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima.

Please register for this subject on the usual Spring term schedule.

Spring Term 2012—begins Monday, April 2
Class meetings: Monday, Wednesday 2:30PM–4:00PM in 24-121
Discussions sessions: Tuesday 4:00PM–5:00PM in 24-121
Instructor: Michael Corradini

Homework: Assignments usually handed out weekly and due one week later

Quizzes/Project: probably a quiz and project due at semester-end

Grading: Homework: 40% Quiz: 20% Final Project: 40%
Grading Policy: A: 90-100; B: 80-90; C: 70-80; D: 60-70

Required Text: Handouts and notes provided by Instructor

Suggested Background Texts:
Nuclear Safety – David Okrent (IAEA Pub)
Nuclear Systems – Todreas and Kazimi (Hemisphere Pub)
Thermal Hydraulics of a BWR – F. Moody, R.T. Lahey (ANS)
Transport Phenomena – Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoor (Wiley)
Classical Thermodynamics text (e.g., Obert and Young)
Principles of Heat Transfer – F. Incropera (McGraw Hill)
Multiphase Flow: Gas-Liquid – M. Corradini (WINS website)

Tentative Course Outline for Reactor Safety Course

Topic Homework Reading
Week 1 Nuclear Safety History PSet #1 History of Safety
Week 2 TMI, Chernobyl, Fukushima PSet #2 History of Accidents
Week 3 Beyond Design Basis Events PSet #3 Safety: Severe accidents
Week 4 Physical Processes PSet #4 Safety: Severe accidents
Week 5 Passive Safety Systems PSet #5 Passive Safety Designs
Week 6 Projects   Student Presentation

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