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UNDERGRADUATE : Sample Course 22 Roadmaps :
Advanced Sustainable Energy Sources (Fusion)

This roadmap emphasizes NSE applied to fusion energy systems with course 22 SB.

    Some possible student outcomes:

  • Engineer in fusion energy research
  • Engineer in plasma-related industry (processing, accelerators, light sources)
  • Preparation for fusion graduate studies.

Course/electives are suggested that provide multi-disciplinary depth in fusion energy, including entry-level graduate courses. UROPs among fusion faculty and at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center are highly encouraged.

1st YEAR 8.01 Physics I 8.022 Physics II
  18.01 Calculus I 18.02 Calculus II
  3.091 or 5.111 Chemistry I 7.01x Biology 1
2nd YEAR 22.01 Intro to NSE 22.02 Intro to Nuclear Physics
  18.03Differential Equation 2.005 Thermal-Fluids
  8.03 Physics III 22.012 Fusion SeminarE
  22.011 Fission SeminarE HASS (2)
  18.06 Linear Algebra  
3rd YEAR 6.00 or 12.010 Intro to Computation 22.09 Nuclear Lab
  22.05 Intro to Reactor Physics 22.071 Electronics
  22.105 E&M IIE 22.00 Intro SimulationE
4th YEAR 22.033 Senior Design Course 22.ThU UG Thesis
  22.ThT Thesis tutorial 22.070 Nuclear MaterialsA
  22.611 Intro to PlasmaA 22.62 Fusion EnergyE
  22.081 Sustainable EnergyE HASS

Bold fonts indicate suggested freshmen course choices
E Denotes suggested use of an elective
A Denotes the two suggested advanced course 22 subjects

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