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UNDERGRADUATE : Sample Course 22 Roadmaps :
Medical Applications (& Preparation for Med School)

This roadmap emphasizes NSE and its important contributions to medicine, as well as preparing a student for entry to medical school (MCAT). Note that this is accomplished with little to no increase in course load by using the five electives in Course 22 for Premed courses. (N.B. In addition to the Premed Recommended Course list, applicants should also review the Medical School Admissions Requirement guide (MSAR) and/or the individual medical schools web sites to be sure they are taking all necessary prerequisites for the schools they are applying to.)

    Some possible student outcomes:

  • Preparation for medical school with competence in medical imaging, gamma radiation therapy, proton radiation therapy and nuclear medicine
  • Radiation sources and detection for medical appplications

UROPs among NST faculty and at MGH are strongly encouraged.

1st YEAR 8.01 Physics I 8.022 Physics II
  18.01 Calculus I 18.02 Calculus II
  3.091 Solid State I 7.01x Biology 1+
2nd YEAR 22.01 Intro to NSE 22.02 Intro to Nuclear Physics
  18.03 Differential Equations 2.005 Thermal-Fluids
  8.03 Physics III 5.12 Organic Chemistry I+
  18.06 Linear Algebra HASS
3rd YEAR 22.05 Intro to Reactor Physics 22.09 Nuclear J-Lab
  7.02J Biology Lab+ 22.071 Intro Electronics
  5.13 Organic Chemistry II+ 5.60 Thermodynamics
  5.07 Biochemistry* HASS
4th YEAR 22.033 Senior Design Course 22.ThU UG Thesis
  22.ThT Thesis tutorial 5.310 Chemistry Lab+
  6.00 or 12.010 Intro to Computation HASS

Bold fonts indicate suggested freshmen course choices
+ Denotes courses for Premed/MCAT preparations
* Optional course. Biochemistry is not listed on the Premed Recommended Course List but some Medical Schools may require biochemistry.

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