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ANS Seminar Series

Seminar are held in MIT 24-115, from 3:00 – 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted. Note that times are subject to change. Please check the ANS-MIT calendar for the updated schedule.

Seminar speakers are invited by the MIT ANS Co-presidents. If you are interested in speaking, or have a speaker suggestion, please email the MIT ANS officers.

Spring 2015 series

February 17: Michael Short, MIT NSE— In-Situ LSAW Quantification of Radiation Damage
February 26: Nicolas Goreaud, Areva
March 9: Forrest Brown, LANL
March 16: Nicole Benedek, UT Austin
April 6: Paola Cappellaro, MIT NSE
April 13: Jeff Friedberg, MIT NSE
April 22: Scott Kemp, MIT NSE
April 27: Don Cook, NNSA
May 11: Derek Sutherland, UW
May 13: Jacopo Buongiorno, MIT NSE

Fall 2014 series

September 8: Seth Grae, Lightbridge — Practical Innovations in Global Nuclear Power Generation
September 22: Paul Romano, KAPL — Future Directions for Nuclear Data Processing
October 6: Emilio Baglieto, MIT NSE
October 15: Victor Reis, DOEL — US Nuclear Strategies: Science, Systems, Society
October 20: Charles Forsberg, MIT NSE
October 27: Lin Shao, Texas A&M
October 29: Michael Mascagni, FSU
November 3: Kai Vetter, UC Berkeley — New Concepts in Radiation Detection Relevant for Research and Security
November 17: Areg Danagoulian, MIT NSE — Monochromatic Cargo Interrogation and Zero Knowledge Detection
December 1: Jeffrey Bradfute, Westinghouse
December 8: Anne White, MIT NSE

Spring 2014 series

Friday 2/2 — Jose Reyes — time, location TBD
Monday 2/24 — Iztok Golobic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) — 24-115, 3:30 PM
Monday, 3/3 — Yaron Danon (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) — 24-115, 3:30 PM
Monday, 3/17 — Hongjie Xu (SINAP) — 24-115, 3:30 PM
Wednesday, 4/2 — Ray Richardson (CIA) — time, location TBD
Friday, 4/25 — Margaret Harding (4Factor Consulting) — time, location TBD
Wednesday, 4/30 — Dave Petti (Idaho National Lab) — time, location TBD


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