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2011 NSE Doctoral Research Expo

Top: Mostafa Youssef; Bottom, L–R: Sarah Sheldon; Troy Borneman & Kevin Krsulich; Mario Manuel & Tom McKrell.

"This year's edition of the NSE Doctoral Research Expo was made special by the attendance of the newly admitted students for the academic year 2011– 2012. The Expo provided them (and the faculty as well) with a unique opportunity to appreciate the breadth and depth of research done by our current students. In this sense, the Expo facilitated the passing of the torch of innovation from one generation of students to the next."
— Professor Jacopo Buongiorno

L–R: Bryan Herman, Clarice Aiello, Dustin Langewisch.

On March 11, the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering hosted its second annual Doctoral Research Expo. Forty-seven students presented posters on a range of topics from all areas of research within the NSE. The presentations served as a showcase of current research and drew visitors from the Department and from the MIT community.  The Expo was an ideal setting for students to practice their presentation skills in the poster format, an increasingly common requirement at science and engineering conferences.

Three judges, Professors Jacopo Buongiorno, Paola Cappellaro, and Anne White, selected the best poster in the Expo. Matthew Reinke’s poster, Impurities in Tokamak Plasmas, was awarded the Best Poster prize. Matthew’s research concerns the effect of small amounts of impurities on high temperature tokamak plasmas, like those in Alcator C-Mod. In high concentrations, impurities such as non-deuterium ions can be used to create radiative layers to aid heat exhaust; at low concentrations they can serve as tracers to understand transport physics. This research focuses on the poloidal flux surface asymmetries of impurities in tokamaks, and describes how their density can vary on surfaces of constant temperature and deuterium density.  Matthew is working to validate existing theoretical models by measuring the distribution of molybdenum in Alcator C-Mod using a variety of soft X-ray and ultraviolet tomography diagnostics.

L–R: Best poster winner, Matthew Reinke;
Geoffrey Olynyk & Jonathan Goh: Bo Feng.

Following the poster session three graduate students — one from each of the three main areas of study at NSE — Nuclear Science and Technology, Fission, and Fusion — each presented a short talk on their research. The speakers this year were:

Yue Fan (NST)
Have the Cake, and Eat it! —Atomistic simulation at experimental time scale
 >>  view video

Zachary Hartwig (Fusion)
Here Be Dragons: Exploring plasma material interactions science for future fusion energy devices
 >>  view video

Bao Truong (Fission)
From kitchen to power plant, nano-engineered surfaces enhancing boiling heat transfer phenomena
 >>  view video

L–R: Speakers, Yue Fan, Zachary Hartwig, Bao Truong.

The NSE Doctoral Research Expo, which is coordinated by Professor Jacopo Buongiorno with administrative support from Heather Barry, is an annual event that brings together researchers from across the Department and is a unique opportunity for the MIT community to learn more about the exciting research underway in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

2011 Participants

Poster session

Aiello, Clarice
Bader, Aaron
Baek, Seung Gyou
Barnard, Harold
Bonnet, Nicephore
Borneman, Troy
Brunner, Daniel
Casey, Daniel
Chiang, Wei-Shan
Churchill, Randy
Dewan, Leslie
DeWitt, Gregory
Everson, Matthew
Fei, Tingzhou
Feng, Bo
Finan, Ashley
Forrest, Eric
Fricano, Joseph
Howard, Nathaniel
Kempf, Stephanie
Kim, Heisoog
Kohno, Haruhiko
Krsulich, Kevin
Langewisch, Dustin
Lee, Jungpyo
Lucas, Timothy
Manuel, Mario
Massie, Mark
Meneghini, Orso
Mumgaard, Robert
Ochoukov, Roman
Olynyk, Geoffrey
Passerini, Stefano
Podpaly, Yuri
Pradipta, Rezy
Reinke, Matthew
Romano, Paul
Sharma, Vivek
Sheldon, Sarah
Shirvan, Koroush
Sinenian, Nareg
Sosnovsky, Eugeny
Yan, Fei
Youssef, Mostafa
Yurko, Joseph
Zhang, Liang
Zhu, Lei


Yue Fan  >>  view video
Zachary Hartwig  >>  view video
Bao Truong  >>  view video

Photos by
Despoina Chatzikyriakou,
Ilavenil Subbiah

2010 Doctoral Research Expo

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