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Judy Rodriguez ’13

“Never before did I believe I'd be taking 8.03 without being a physics major.”

Judy Rodriguez ’13

My interest in Nuclear Science began in the corridors of building 24. Being a member of the Experimental Study Group situated in the sixth floor of the building, it so happened that those long moments waiting for the elevator to come down allowed me to ponder the displays outside the Department's main office. After a few days my interest grew enough to look more into the Department's website and all the possibilities that lay ahead, especially with fission and nuclear medicine. This small Department won me over with its range of career opportunities and challenging curriculum. Never before did I believe I'd be taking 8.03 without being a physics major.

The opportunity came up to apply to become a student operator at the MIT Research Reactor, and my curiosity multiplied threefold. I started training and, little by little, I'm learning about different areas of nuclear science including radiation awareness and protection, developments in nuclear therapies and the use of neutrons, and specially reactor physics and operation. I enjoy having those eureka moments when learning the concepts behind such a crucial job and I feel I can definitely make a living in this growing field.

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