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NSE’s Leslie Dewan is one of TIME magazine's 30 under 30 changing the world

Leslie Dewan

Leslie Dewan, who received her Ph.D. from NSE in 2013, has been named to the TIME’s 30 people under 30 who are changing the world.

Dewan and fellow NSE Ph.D. student Mark Massie co-founded TransAtomic in 2010 and are developing a new type of reactor they call the Waste-Annihilating Molten-Salt Reactor (WAMSR). This is an advanced molten salt reactor that combines a zirconium hydride moderator with a LiF-(Heavy metal)F4 fuel salt. Together, these components generate a neutron spectrum that allows the reactor to run using the entire actinide component of spent nuclear fuel, and is thus able to convert the high-level waste produced by conventional nuclear reactors into electricity.

Last year Dewan and Massie were named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the energy sector.

2014 TIME 30 under 30 changing the world

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