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Competition poster

2016 Nuclear Maker Design Competition
December 14, 2016 from 11:00am to 1:00pm
W20-306 (Twenty Chimneys and Stratton Balcony)

The new 22.033 (Nuclear Systems Design Course) has been transformed into a fully maker-oriented design and prototyping course. Students learn proven techniques for ideation and creativity, and set them to work solving the biggest challenges facing nuclear power and radiation safety. The students are free to propose any idea, from the physical prototyping of a product, to the implementation of new software, to the design of a new nuclear reactor, as long as it is truly original and their own.

2016 projects

  • Betavoltaic Batteries: For when you need a little bit of power for a very, very long time
  • Nuclear Greenhouse (P2P): Growing plants at the plant, or using greenhouses to thwart the greenhouse effect
  • Radiation-Strengthened, Plastic-Reinforced Concrete: One man's trash could be society's biggest weapon against CO2 emissions
  • RadLock: A safe and convenient way to dispense, track, and confirm sealed radiation sources for startups
  • The Danger Zone Detector: Cheap, reliable, and accurate radiation dosimetry for first responders

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