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NSE Spotlights 2017

Rachel Connick, Charles Hirst, MIT

A paired passion for pushing boundaries

Nuclear science and engineering doctoral students, Rachel Connick and Charles Hirst, search for radiation damage in metals.

Olorunsola (Jerry) Akinsulire, MIT

The making of a maker mentor:

Undergraduate Olorunsola (Jerry) Akinsulire spearheads new NSE builder space.

Alex Creely, MIT

Alex Creely: Bridging the gap between simulation and reality

Graduate student Alex Creely receives Department of Energy Innovation Award.

Sarah Don, MIT

Sarah Don: Building connections

NSE alum and MIT Reactor superintendent aims to give more students the opportunity to work with and learn from the reactor.

Koroush Shirvan, MIT

Shifting gears, research scientist Koroush Shirvan joins NSE faculty

Assistant professor of nuclear science and engineering leads projects for developing accident-tolerant fuel and optimizing nuclear energy technology.

Leigh Ann Kesler, MIT

Leigh Ann Kesler: Scaling heights and measuring depths

Nuclear science and engineering PhD candidate tracks erosion happening inside fusion devices.

Becky Romatoski, MIT

Becky Romatoski: Reducing risk in next-generation reactors

Nuclear science and engineering graduate student Becky Romatoski analyzes range of uncertainties in MIT’s salt-cooled nuclear reactor project.

Sean Lowder, MIT

Sean Lowder: A path to naval nuclear engineering

NSE senior Sean Lowder is taking his nuclear engineering expertise to Washington, DC.

Zach Hartwig, MIT

Zach Hartwig: Applying diverse skills in pursuit of a fusion breakthrough

“It’s our responsibility to get beyond our walls and have a positive impact in the world”, says newly appointed NSE assistant professor Zach Hartwig.”.

Matteo Bucci, MIT

Matteo Bucci: Using Nanotechnologies to Produce More Megawatts

NSE assistant professor Matteo Bucci is re-engineering fuel rods to boost output from fission plants worldwide.

David Carpenter, MIT

David Carpenter: Purpose-driven to the core

Nuclear scientist David Carpenter leads a life of discovery at MIT's Nuclear Reactor Laboratory.

Monica Pham, MIT

Monica Pham: Advancing nuclear power and empowering girls

NSE sophomore Monica Pham researches fusion energy and promotes STEM opportunities for young women.

Sara Hauptman, MIT

Sara Hauptman: Learning on the job

Before sophomore Sara Hauptman set foot in a nuclear science and engineering (NSE) class, she was learning to operate MIT’s nuclear reactor.

Brandon Sorbom, MIT

Brandon Sorbom: Designing a fusion future

NSE graduate student, Brandon Sorbom, now in his sixth year at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC), is researching how much radiation magnetic materials in fusion tokamaks can endure before they are compromised.

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