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Kent F. Hansen

Kent F. Hansen

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering (Emeritus)



S.B., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953
Sc.D., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1958

Professional Activities

Director of Stone & Webster Inc. and EG&G, Inc.

Honors and Awards

Fellow of ANS
Member of National Academy of Engineering


Research Interests

Reactor physics, numerical methods, modeling of physical and social systems.

Current Research Projects

Modeling of nuclear power plant operations
Modeling of social/political determinants of nuclear energy policy
Modeling of R&D processes


Selected Recent Publications

  1. "Allocating R&D Resources," Research Technology Management, July 1999, Vol. 42, No. 4.
  2. "System Dynamics Modeling of Social/Political Factors in Nuclear Power Plant Operations," Proceedings of International Conference on Mathematics and Computations, Reactor Physics, and Environmental Analyses, ANS, April 1995.


Nuclear Reactor Physics, System Dynamics.

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