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B.Eng., Nuclear Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1969
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971
Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973

Other Professional Activities (last ten years)

  • Member, Board of Trustees, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, 1998-2013
  • Member, Science Review Panel for Thermal Hydraulics, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, 2006–present
  • Co-Chair, MIT Interdisciplinary Study on the Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, 2008–2011
  • Member, International Advisory Board on Nuclear Energy, Office of Executive Authority, Government of Abu Dhabi, 2009–present
  • Chair, Advisory Committee, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Center for Advanced Energy Studies, Idaho National Laboratory, 2009–2012
  • Chair, Advisory Panel on Nuclear Engineering Program, Khalifah University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, 2010-2014
  • Member, Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee, DOE, 2011–present
  • Member, Advisory Committee, School of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, 2011–present
  • Member, Advisory Committee to U. of Chicago for the Division of Energy, Safety and Security, of Argonne National Laboratory, 2012–present

Honors and Awards

  • Kuwait Prize in Applied Sciences by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), 2011
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering
  • Fellow of the International Nuclear Energy Academy     
  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Fellow of the American Nuclear Society
  • The TAKREEM Award for Achievements in Science and Technology, Lebanon, 2011
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Professorship in Nuclear Engineering, MIT, 2000–present
  • Technical Achievements Award, Thermal Hydraulic Division, American Nuclear Society, 2009
  • Who's Who in America, 1995– present.


Development of Advanced Nuclear Fuel for LWRs

As nuclear energy use expands to supply increasing portion of world energy, its fuel performance should be enhanced to enable extraction of more energy from its content. This enhancement of power density in nuclear cores should occur while preserving if not expanding the fuel safety margins. This project investigates alternative geometrical and materials designs of fuel, such as the annular fuel with internal cooling and the use of SiC instead of Zr alloys for fuel cladding. By increasing the fuel surface to volume ratio and using materials less reactive with water at high temperature, the economic and safety performance of the fuel is improved.

System Analysis of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

This project aims at understanding of the implications of a closed fuel cycle compared with the open fuel cycle regarding spent fuel management economics and proliferation resistance. The nuclear fuel cycle simulation code CAFCA has been undergoing development, to enable a wider optimization of transition to advanced reactor options and also the appropriate rate of addition of advanced reactor capability. Mixed oxide recycling in LWRs as well as fast reactor with different conversion ratios.

Research Projects

High Burnup Fuel Modeling
High Performance Fuels for LWRs
Fuel Cycles for Actinide Transmutation
Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen Production
BWR Stability


Select Recent Publications


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Journal articles

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CANES Reports and other publications

  1. Shirvan K, Kazimi MS. 2012. “Development of Optimized Core Design and Analysis Methods for High Power Density BWRs.” Advanced Nuclear Power Program. MIT-ANP-TR-145
  2. Mieloszyk A J, Kazimi MS. 2012. “An Improved Structural Mechanics Model For The Frapcon Nuclear Fuel Performance Code.” Nuclear Fuel Cycle Program. MIT-NFC-TR-129
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NEW: Second Edition

Nuclear Systems Volume I: Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals, 2nd ed.
Updated with new information about advanced nuclear fuel designs, two-phase flow and heat transfer, and pre- and post- accident energy sources in nuclear plants.


22.251 Systems Analysis of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
22.312 Engineering of Nuclear Reactors
22.314J Structural Mechanics in Nuclear Power Technology
22.40J Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion


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