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Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES)

The Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) develops concepts for technology systems that promise more favorable economics, safety, proliferation resistance, and environmental impact. The Center has over twenty affiliated faculty and research scientists, and more than sixty graduate students. Its research programs focus on the design, operation, and regulation of current and advanced nuclear reactors and fuel cycles.

These efforts require advances in knowledge about scientiffic and engineering disciplines, such as reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, and reactor dynamics, as well as modern methods of systems reliability, probabilistic safety analysis, and decision analysis. With a proliffic output of reports and symposia proceedings, along with an ongoing professional educational program, the Center serves as an incubator for emerging ideas in nuclear energy.

In recent years, the Center has established partnerships and collaborations with industry, national laboratories, and leading international organizations. Within MIT, the Center is an integral part of the Institutewide initiative to develop environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions to the global energy crisis.

Current Projects

  • NSUF Irradiation of Novel SiC Cladding for Advanced LWRs
  • Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR) Project
  • Hybrid baseload nuclear power for variable electricity and fuels
  • Modeling Porous Corrosion Deposits (CRUD) in PWRs in CASL
  • Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Innovative technologies for nuclear reactors and fuel cycles advanced by CANES (2000–2012)

LWR Technology

Fuel Cycle Technology and Policy

Advanced Nuclear Reactors and Power Systems

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