MIT Objectivist Club
Next meeting Mon, Dec 5, 7:30pm, at MIT room 4-251. Proposed readings for discussion are available at the literature page.

The first meeting was held on September 22.

Philosophy Discussion Group:
Our intent is to have discussions of all philosophy topics (see "Club and Events" page).

The club is still called the Objectivist Club because, for many club members, Objectivism was our first introduction to philosophy, and it remains (in large part) the philosophy we live by. For those of us who are Objectivists, our introduction to the subject was one of the biggest "Ah ha! Now I get it!" moments of our lives. It was the kind of missing link that makes difficult technical classes suddenly seem obvious, except as philosophy it was not limited to one field, it applied to life, to everything from "what is real" to "what is art."

We're always interested in sharing what we know and learning more from others. We therefore invite you to explore philosophy (any and all philosophy) along with us, to challenge yourself (and us) at meetings, and to think about the big questions.