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First Meeting: To Be Determined

Club meetings are informal get-togethers to discuss readings, current events, Objectivism, or any philosophy. Meetings will be held biweekly or once a month, depending on interest.

The first meeting will be very short. We'll introduce ourselves and get a feel for what attendees want to do with their time. Then the club officers will recommend two medium-length readings, hopefully from different perspectives, to read for the next meeting. Those readings will be the basis of the discussion for next time.

Depending on attendance at the second meeting, we may split into sub-groups for conversation and may request that each group keep a timer. (Shorter arguments/questions can be the most effective and require the most thought in advance.)

We may also devote time to the following:

  • current events,
  • sharing histories of readings so that new readers can get up to speed with what older readers have read,
  • speeches by club members (opened for discussion afterwards),
  • guest speakers.

Between meetings the club Treasurer will be available for smaller discussions and to recommend additional readings to the avid self-paced learner.


There are no dues.

The one basic philosophical premise required of club members in advance is the following: that shouting and violence are neither conducive to nor necessary for the sharing of information, and therefore will not be tolerated at club activities. (We can discuss what hidden premises lie beneath this one, but if you disagree, kindly keep your distance!)

If a meeting looks to end in widespread disagreement, club members will record the premises or facts under dispute and, if possible, gather the facts for the next meeting. Having said that, the more diverse our opinions, the more engaging our discussions will be!

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