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Patrice Thiriet to speak on 3-D Visualization in Anatomy Education

January 13, 2011

Co-sponsored by OEIT and the HHMI-MIT Biology Education group, Dr. Patrice Thiriet will speak about his work using 3-D Visualizations to Enhance Anatomy Education on:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
10:30am – 12pm
Room 4-149

OEIT's Violeta Ivanova and Jeff Merriman have an exciting collaboration ongoing with biologists and artists in Lyon, France.  Dr. Patrice Thiriet, of the Lyon 1 Program, collaborates with talented artists to generate remarkable anatomy visualizations and animations that he uses in interactive teaching approaches in his courses in France. Patrice will speak about their collaborative work, demonstrate his teaching methodologies, and discuss educational outcomes observed through their initiative.

For more information on Thiriet's work please visit -

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