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Open Knowledge Initiative

This section contains executive-level documents that examine important issues within the O.K.I. project. Topics covered include:

  • Development goals
  • Architectural objectives
  • Sustainability planning
  • Open licensing strategy
  • Community creation
  • Infrastructural integration

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What Is the Open Knowledge Initiative?
by O.K.I. and Eduworks

The Open Knowledge Initiative™ (O.K.I.) is defining an open and extensible architecture for learning technology specifically targeted to the needs of the higher education community. O.K.I. provides detailed specifications for interfaces among components of a learning management environment, and open source examples of how these interfaces work. The O.K.I. architecture is intended to be used both by commercial product vendors and by higher education product developers. It provides a stable, scalable base that supports the flexibility needed by higher education as learning technology is increasingly integrated into the education process.  Read more »

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Architectural Overview
by Scott Thorne, O.K.I. Lead Architect, MIT,
Chuck Shubert, O.K.I. Developer, MIT, and Jeff Merriman, O.K.I. Team Leader, MIT

The goal of O.K.I. is to define an architectural framework that facilitates the development and delivery of educational software applications. This architecture is being generally described by two service layers defined by implementation independent Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). One, Common Services, provides hooks to institutional infrastructure and other fundamental services that provide a backbone for higher level services and applications. The second layer, Educational, will bundle functionality that is of particular usefulness to the developers of various kinds of educational software applications.   Read more »

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O.K.I. at a Glance

The Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) is defining an architecture that precisely specifies how the components of a learning technology environment communicate with each other and with other campus systems. By clearly defining points of interoperability, the architecture allows the components of a complex learning environment to be developed and updated independently of each other. This paper offers a summary of the benefits of O.K.I. and the people and organizations involved in the initiative.

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Three Vignettes

Stories of how OKI is integral to the strategies of the University of Cambridge, Tufts University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin

A Recipe for Integration - Download the PDF »
Innovating with OKI - Download the PDF »
Driving Product Decisions with OKI - Download the PDF »

OKI Presentation, Educause 2002, Atlanta
Geoff Collier and Robby Robson, Eduworks

This PowerPoint presentation includes extensive lecture notes. The content includes and over view of the OKI architecture and APIÕs, Open source implementations, the OKI community and OKI's benefits for higher education.

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