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Open Knowledge Initiative

Creates a standard for learning technology

The O.K.I. Service Interface Definitions define how components of an educational environment work together, thereby reducing development effort and encouraging development of specialized modules that integrate into larger systems.

Provides stability, reliability, and a smooth migration path

The Service Interface Definitions isolate the educational infrastructure from disruption due to changing technologies or introducing innovative applications from many sources. As the education market adopts O.K.I., institutions can easily plug in new modules to the educational environment.

Supports a range of teaching and learning requirements

Since applications are easily integrated in the educational software environment, institutions can accommodate a wide range of teaching and learning requirements, thereby satisfying the needs of a diverse population.

Encourages easy sharing of learning content and technology

O.K.I. supports plug-and-play for the enterprise infrastructure. Schools can share innovative applications, take advantage of new technologies as they become available, and update components individually without destabilizing the overall environment.

Lowers long-term cost of software ownership

After initial setup, replacing or upgrading single components of the educational software environment does not require modification of all other components, keeping maintenance costs low.


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